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Things you need to know

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First let me explain.. My job as an Apartment Locator is to find YOUR best possible options at the best price while wasting no time on denied applications.

Unfortunately, The most popular and readily available listing sites or an unscrupulous leasing agent won’t have your best interest in mind when it comes to you actually getting approved because not everyone is going to qualify the same. They will tell you “Just apply and see what happens” or claim you will get approved but end up denying the application anyway.

FACT: Your application fee is never refundable under normal circumstances

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Bad Credit, Broken Leases, Evictions & Property Debt..

FACT: These are 4 different issues.. Your story doesn’t matter to anybody but you. If you owe a balance to a property, management company or previous landlord that can be considered a “broken lease” or simply a “property debt”.

Bad Credit is the easiest thing to get past, you just need to go to the right places. Find a good apartment locator to guide the way and you will get approved.

Broken Lease means you basically stopped paying rent and left before they had to evict you which is the most common of property debts

Eviction is if you stop paying rent, never payed rent, squatting or just a plain lease violation and they have to forcibly remove you and your things. This is the most serious as you will need to go to court to get it resolved, although most people just skip the court date or sometimes they never knew they even had a court date.

FACT: Evictions are public record and easier for future landlords to see

Property Debt could mean you simply owe a previous landlord for possible damages or other unpaid move out fees but you still completed the lease and were never evicted.

FACT: A property debt and a broken lease show the same on credit

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