Qualifying Criteria

Before making any payment or submitting your application, you should ABSOLUTELY read the "Qualifying Criteria" on each rental application that you fill out. Contact us if you're concerned about being turned down for ANY qualifying criteria; I know of places that will approve you!

Checking Your Credit

You can be sure that whether you rent an apartment or a house, your credit will be evaluated and will be a major factor in whether or not you are approved. The majority of apartments prefer minimal or no "Charge-Offs" or "Collections" accounts on your credit report; otherwise, it's nearly always immediately denied, particularly if your credit score is below 550. The good news is that, provided you don't have any unpaid rent or evictions (which we will discuss later), some management companies will not reject you based only on your credit history. Furthermore, a closed bankruptcy or foreclosure typically doesn't pose a significant issue for communities that operate with less-than-perfect credit.

Proving Your Income

In the age of Food Delivery, Uber, Cash Sharing Apps, Venmo, Cash Tips, and even if you don't have a pay stub, there are locations that will still approve you. Apartments simply want to see that you earn 3x the rent in income per month BEFORE taxes, although there are a handful of communities that are 2.5x the rent. For example, if your rent is $1,000 per month, you must verify $3000 in monthly income before any deductions. Of course, if you have pay stubs, this step is much easier. Or if you have a significant amount of money in your bank account for at least the last 6 months, you can also be approved this way. Contact Us for additional information on qualifying for income.

Criminal History

This is arguably the most crucial section of the application, and if it is not completed in full, it could potentially result in your application being rejected right away. No matter your age, almost all apartments are likely to deny you if you have committed any felonies related to violent crimes, such as assault, family violence, robbery, theft, POCS (drug charges), or any sex crimes. Felony DWIs are typically not regarded as violent crimes. Generally, felonies that are not on the above list or that are not classed into that category must be at least ten years old. Misdemeanors are a little easier to get past, but depending on the class, any misdemeanor that involved theft, assault, or POCS (drug charges) is likely to result in your application being denied. Every management company handles criminal records a little bit differently.

Rental History

Broken leases, evictions or just a "Property Debt" in general. Due to the fact that having a property debt extends beyond credit problems, this falls under a different category. BUT It's not the end of the world, so don't panic. If the debt is more than two years old you will have additional options. If the property debt is showing on your credit and less than two years old, you have the option to settle it or, in the event of an error, have it removed from your credit report. If you have an eviction (had a court date/went to court), it is public record and will most likely have to be at least two years old before you may be on a lease again, regardless of whether it was reported to credit or not. BUT the good news is that there are locations who do not contact to confirm rental or do not see past a certain point on your credit, similar to a "second chance" property. Finally, if you have a property debt on your credit report that you believe should not be there, the apartment you are applying for may listen to your story but will still be powerless in approving your application.

The More You Know...

Multiple Apartments may have the same management company but won't necessarily have the same qualifications. Be cautious of the phrase "Just apply and see what happens". I know this all seems really confusing and frankly it is but that's what I am here for. I can make a list of Apartments based on YOUR qualifying situation so you can choose the best one and get APPROVED the first time without wasting time & hundreds of dollars on denied applications to find out. Our service is completely FREE to you, we get paid thru the apartments when you lease a place! Contact Me for more info & to start your Search. Lastly, reviews. Apartment reviews are almost always going to be a reflection of the experience you can expect when moving into your new place. For example, If a 700sf 1 bedroom near the Domain is $1050/month, it most likely has better reviews than the same size 1 bedroom in the same area for $950/month. If a unit is $950/month & has good reviews, there is likely never anything available. Price can also vary based on renovations and location.

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