This site is marketed and managed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Austin, TX with extensive leasing and Apartment locating experience. If you are worried about getting denied for any qualifying issue like bad credit, past broken lease/eviction, criminal history or a breed restricted dog I can help you get approved. This is an absolutely FREE service as I get paid thru the apartment communities when you lease a place and reference my name on the application as how you heard about them.


Get in contact with me by phone, text or contact form and let me know what exactly you are looking for or if there is any qualifying issues you are trying to get past. I will do all the research & make all the calls so when we meet up you can narrow it down to your top few options by pricing, availability and specials then we go check them out! Once we tour and you find the apartment you like just pay the app/admin/deposit (~$200-$300) to take the unit off the market and go thru their approval process which can be between 0-3 days depending how fast you get everything turned into them.


The "Listings" and/or Apartments on this site may be just a representative of the property itself and pictured is not necessarily of the exact unit available. Yours will be similar in finish and layout depending on availability and location of the unit. Prices & Availability change everyday meaning if you don't apply for the unit today chances are it will be gone tomorrow or go up in price. Contact the listing owner for a tour and how you can apply.

"Apartment Specs" & "Community Amenities":

While information on this site is deemed accurate, errors may exist on a few properties Specifications and/or Amenities, unintentionally (Example: Listing states that community has a dog park when in fact community does not have a dog park). If you notice any of these errors please bring to attention of the listing owner for it to be corrected.

"Featured" and "Hot":

"Featured" Listings are mainly 1 Bedroom apartments under $1000/month, 2 Bedroom apartments under $1300/month and some apartments that are on Special. "Hot" Listings are mainly apartments that usually have little to no availability most of the time so the unit available is likely to go fast! 

"Apartment Specials":

Specials can change at anytime without any notice. Most specials are only honored if you apply within 48 hours after touring the property. Specials on this site are updated at least once a month but still may not be 100% accurate. Call or Text for updated specials and pricing.

"Google Reviews From Past Clients":

Actual google reviews from Apartment Specialists, you can see more reviews HERE

Property Locations:

The property locations are ~95% accurate and is within at most 1 mile from location it shows on the map for the listing. As a Real Estate Agent I only get compensated if I escort you over to the property so it wouldn't be wise to provide the exact address. Call/Text (512)676-0490 so we can check some places out! Plus you get a $50 visa gift card from me when you move in.

Contact Forms:

When you fill out a "Contact Form" or any other similar form giving me your information, it is only sent to me but in rare occasions may be passed to another agent within the same Company for any reason. You will never receive unwanted calls, emails or texts.


$50 Visa Gift Card:

When you move into your new apartment I can give you a $50 visa gift card for your application reimbursement. If you know anybody looking for an apartment and you refer them to me you also get a $50 visa gift card once they move in as well!

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